Sergei Rachmaninov International Award 

has been presented in Moscow, Russia

since 2013 - the Year of Sergei Rachmaninov celebrating

the 140th anniversary of his birth

and marking the 70th anniversary of his death.


 The Award  is conferred on individuals

who take a special interest in Rachmaninov’s work and spirit

and is intended to support and pay tribute to their work. 


Throughout the  year the selection committee chooses 

the Rachmaninov Projects taking place worldwide.

The president of Award nominates the best projects to the position and the Artistic Committee votes on the nomination. After approval and signing by the chairman of Artistic Committee  the “Sergei Rachmaninov International Award” announced the winner of th Year. 

From 2015 Maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy

becomes to be the Chairman of the Artistic committee of

the Sergei Rachmaninov International Award.


The Award consists of a diploma and gold-plated solid bronze statuette.The original design of Rachmaninov Statuette was made by russian artist and sculptor Alexander Egorov. Statuette stands 25cm tall and weighs 1600 grams. Rachmaninov Statuettes presented at the ceremonies are solid bronze plated in 24-karat gold.

The First Sergei Rachmaninov  International Award in 2013


The awarding ceremony took place at the Myskovsky Hall of

Moscow Conservatory by Tchaikovsky

on 25th of October .

2013 Award was presented in one category -

Musical Achievements.

Sience 2015 Sergei Rachmaninov International Award

can be awarded in three categories:

"Musical Achievements"

"Maecenas of Arts and Sciences"

"Special project in the name of Rachmaninov"

Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninov was a great musician - pianist and composer,

and he is also an example to others regarding his high cultural and political values.

The jury consists of internationally recognized musicians, music critics and managers.

Voting has conducted in the end of year.

The President and Founder of the Sergei Rachmaninov International Award, Violetta Egorova,

is a Russian pianist and member of the Board of the Rachmaninov Society, Director of Rachmaninov Academy in Italy.

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