ALEXANDER ERMAKOV  - "Special Project in the name of Rachmaninov"

Alexander Ivanovich Ermakov was born December 13, 1951 in the village of Usun-Agach Almaty region. In 1970 he graduated from the Pedagogical College Turkestan. In the 1971-1978 year. - a teacher at the Ivanovo secondary school in the Uvarovsky district of the Tambov region.

Since 1978 - Director of the Museum. S.V. Rachmaninov in the village of Ivanovka Uvarovskii district Tambov region. In 1987 he graduated from the Tambov branch of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, the department of cultural and educational work.

Active propagandist  of S.V. Rachmaninov, the organizer of the music festivals of his name and the festival in Ivanovka " Light of the stars", international conferences, exhibitions in Switzerland, England, France, dedicated to S.V. Rachmaninov. He was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Culture of Russia, winner of the Gold Medal and the title of the Irina Arkhipova Foundation Prize Winner, the winner of the 2013 Prize for Literature and Art, "Cultural Heritage -2018 "- The main prize -" The Crystal Column "- was awarded in the nomination" Guardian ".

May 30, 2018 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On awarding state awards to the Russian Federation." For special merits in the field of culture Alexander Ivanovich Ermakov was given the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia".

For the past 40 years, Alexander Ivanovich is the head of Rachmaninov's the only museum in the world. Thanks to the activities of its leader, the museum-estate "Ivanovka" occupies one of the leading places among the musical museums in Russia.


When the 24-year-old Alexander Ermakov was appointed director of the Rachmaninov House Museum, Ivanovka's estate did not exist. In 1918 the estate of the Satins - Rachmaninovs was completely plundered and destroyed. It was demolished all 24 Manor building: house, stables, servants' barns. Two remaining fruit garden and park were also later abandoned. At the initiative of Alexander Yermakov in Ivanovka were restored manor buildings of the late XIX - early XX century, began working the new displays and exhibitions.


Alexander himself acquired numerous exhibits for rooms, halls and exhibitions, unique antiques to recreate the spirit of Russian noble estate.

Under the leadership of AI Ermakov Estate Museum became a recognized scientific center for the study of life and works of Rachmaninov, the music of Russian composers, Russian manor in the history of the broad cultural context.

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